en.Transaction Data Repository (en.TDR)


The Challenges

It’s one thing to ensure that your financial institution is capable of receiving diverse types of data; it’s another to organize and manage this data in a way that allows for flexible, responsive reporting and fast queries. And data management isn’t just about the organization of historical data: it is critical that financial institutions are able to assess and analyze data as it comes in, in real time.

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The Solution

With en.TransactionDataRepository, your institution can design and produce an endless array of technical and business reports, both on a regular basis and on demand. With unrivalled search capabilities – allowing you to search through financial messages using any number or complexity of criteria – and dynamic reporting options, your data can finally transform from a cumbersome burden to an enormous asset. en.TDR can even be integrated with various anti-money laundering and online banking applications, fitting seamlessly into your IT infrastructure.



Produce and design activity reports (technical and business reports) both routinely and on demand.

Display, investigate, monitor, and report your SWIFT traffic data and events over an extended retention period.


Obtain real-time transparency and key statistics.


Simplify and speed up audit procedures.


Optimize your development, support, and maintenance costs.


Reduce operational risk and cost.