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Eastnets Optimization

Enhance your fraud and anti-money laundering systems with extreme precision.

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Make your security systems work smarter, not harder.

Optimize sanctions and embargo screening operations, reduce false-positives and increase the performance of your monitoring tools.

Our specialists will guide you through configuration parameters and offer best practice solutions for traffic and name-monitoring strategies – analyzing your data and comparing it with industry benchmarks to create balance between performance and productivity. All while improving upon your current security levels.


The Eastnets advantage

Detect fraud faster and more intelligently than ever.

Build custom scenarios and utilize AI-powered data modelling.

15 years’ experience in illegal payment pattern recognition.

Key features

Save time

False-positives cost time, money and resources. Systems optimization ensures they happen less often.

Reduce risk

Intelligently change, analyze and tune AML and fraud systems without exposure to extra risk or false-positives.

Set standards

Our configuration recommendations are based on experience with hundreds of banks and other financial institutions.

Find balance

Achieve the ideal balance between operational efficiency and the detection of money-laundering and fraud.

Product components

False-Positive Reduction

Our experts employ a range of industry-leading techniques to help lower false-positive rates, tuning your list of set definitions and reviewing neutral words and synonyms.

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