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Eastnets Connect & Comply  

Detect High-Risk Policy Holders and Transactions


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Helping you combat financial crime in the insurance industry

Financial criminals are increasingly using insurance products to clean dirty money and to commit illicit crimes, impacting the integrity of the insurance sector.

Insurance companies have an obligation to help identify
and report these criminals, and regulators are placing increasing pressure on companies to do their part.

The more you know about the policyholders you serve and the various complex schemes they may deploy, the better you can spot suspicious behavior.

You can protect your company, protect policyholders, and ensure the overall integrity of the insurance market.

The Eastnets advantage

An end-to-end solution for Watchlist Screening, AML Detection, and KYC.

A rapidly deployable, cost-effective solution for meeting policyholder due diligence and AML detection responsibilities.

Everything you need to easily identify high-risk policyholders, transactions, and behaviors; report them to the right authorities; and stop financial crime from taking a toll on your business.

Key features

Customizable (KYC) Forms

Customizable Know Your Customer (KYC) Forms. Capture policyholder information and adapt forms to meet due diligence requirements.

Watchlist Screening & Real-Time List Loading.

Screen against the latest Sanctions Lists, Politically Exposed Persons, and Adverse Media Lists. Watchlists are automatically updated using DLT in real-time

Dynamic Risk Scoring

Assess each policy’s and policy holder’s level of risk based on a dynamically calculated risk score.

Transaction Tracking and Analysis

Observe and act on high-risk behaviors and red-flag scenarios using powerful analytics and data visualization.

Product components

Insured member information repository

Retain and manage detailed information about policyholders and their policies in an easy-to-navigate repository system

Rule builder module

Easily create customized scenarios that adapt to evolving AML trends and ensure compliance with everchanging regulatory requirements. Combine rules to create more complex scenarios.

Artificial Intelligence models

Unsupervised bespoke AI models aid in the refinement of AML rules to significantly reduce false positives by recommending thresholds to support calibration and optimization of the system

Network investigation analytics

Gain context around suspicious transactions for unraveling complex relationships

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