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Eastnets SafeWatch KYC

Know your customer like never before.

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Dynamic customer due diligence.

Identify. Verify. Review. Eastnets SafeWatch KYC seizes, organizes and stores customer information efficiently – giving you total oversight and helping you achieve easy regulatory compliance, customer onboarding and due diligence.

Dynamic scoring methodologies assess risk 24/7, powering a streamlined customer due diligence process that drives down time spent dealing with both new and existing customers.


The Eastnets advantage

Seize and record more detailed information about customer accounts.

Meet FATF recommendations and other regulatory directives.

Deep customization designed to fit any data capturing and recording workflow.

Key features

Customize KYC Forms

Capture all necessary customer information, with the ability to customize KYC forms based on regulatory and internal needs.

Customizable Workflow

Track forms and automatically escalate to compliance bodies before approving opening an account.

Smart customer screening

Integrated customer screening performs all necessary checks against national and international watchlists at once.

Dynamic risk-scoring

Easily design and implement dynamic and ongoing risk-scoring modules to assess your customer’s calculated level of risk.

Product components

Customizable KYC Forms

Capture all necessary customerinformation and easily adapt the forms to meet regulatoryand internal needs.

Dynamic Risk Scoring

Assess each customer’s level ofrisk based on a scientifically calculated risk score. Scoresare automatically updated based on any changes in acustomer’s information.

Real-Time Integration

Share data with core bankingand other external Eastnets solutions and sources for acomprehensive AML/CTF solution.

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