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Eastnets Operational Safeguards

Next-level monitoring and recovery tools for constant protection.


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Eastnets Messaging Recovery

Our Messaging Recovery tool provides a full and secure backup of your SWIFT messaging system, allowing for a complete – and airtight – recovery in the event of software failures, database corruption, or any other potential SAA issues.

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Eastnets Messaging Duplicate Detection

Managing duplicate financial data is a persistent and costly challenge for financial institutions. Traditional solutions often fall short, missing duplicates, failing to integrate smoothly with existing systems, or lacking user-friendly interfaces. Eastnets Messaging Duplicate Detection addresses these gaps head-on. Our advanced real-time scanning algorithms catch duplicates from any source before they’re processed or transmitted, ensuring you start with clean data. Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, whether your data is structured or unstructured, using our plug-and-play connectors. Navigate with ease using a user-friendly interface equipped with powerful search and export tools, and make informed decisions with our smart partial detection algorithms. Stay ahead of regulations by remaining compliant and reducing the risk of fraudulent or erroneous fund transfers. Early detection of duplicates helps prevent financial losses, safeguarding your bottom line. By reducing operational costs related to investigation and re-funding, Eastnets Messaging Duplicate Detection ensures your resources are better allocated. With Eastnets Messaging Duplicate Detection, you can eliminate the headache of managing duplicate data and focus on what truly matters—providing accurate and timely transactions to your clients.

The Eastnets Advantage

Achieves up to 95% reduction in manual processing errors

Effectively minimizes manual intervention, resulting in cost savings of up to 20%

Demonstrates a remarkable 99% reduction in duplicate false positives

Streamlines duplicate investigation processes, leading to a 2% reduction in time

Provides a diverse range of over 20 custom connectors for tailored and adaptable solutions.

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