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Eastnets Operational Safeguards

Next-level monitoring and recovery tools for constant protection.


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Instant access to live and archived data.

View live data instantly, alongside archived data from a centralized repository. Design and deliver powerful business and technical reports and dashboards for live and historical messages – routinely or on-demand. 

Monitor traffic and trigger alerts in real-time with ease, with API integrations to banking channels through, enabling a whole new level of business activities tracking.


Eastnets Messaging Recovery

Our Messaging Recovery tool provides a full and secure backup of your SWIFT messaging system, allowing for a complete – and airtight – recovery in the event of software failures, database corruption, or any other potential SAA issues.

SWIFT Compatible Application Alliance Operational Add on 2021_web-2

SWIFT Compatible Application Alliance Operational Add on 2021_web-3


Eastnets Messaging Duplicate Detection

Automatically scan incoming and outgoing messages against custom criteria to spot duplicates – alongside duplication of non-acknowledged messages, non-configured messages, and more – in real time to avoid wasting time and resources.

SWIFT Compatible Application Alliance Operational Add on 2021_web-3


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