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Crime & Compliance

Our pioneering AI-driven technology can help you rise to the challenge of an ever-shifting global financial and regulatory environment.

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Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing

Stay ahead in the race against financial crime with Anti-Terrorist Financing and Anti-Money Laundering solutions chosen by more than 600 financial organizations around the world.

Eastnets SafeWatch Screening

Eastnets SafeWatch AML

Customer Due Diligence

Identify, verify, monitor and onboard customers and ensure easy compliance with banking standards and regulations.

Eastnets SafeWatch KYC

Compliance for Insurance

Detect High-Risk Policy Holders and Transactions.

Eastnets Connect & Comply

Trade-based Financial Crime Compliance

Multi-layered monitoring and screening hedging that never sleeps. Bring your business’ trade-based money laundering protection into the next generation and stop illegal money flows hiding in plain sight.

Eastnets SafeTrade


Detect and intercept suspicious activity in real time with sophisticated anti-fraud technology – and keep your high-value assets under lock and key.

Eastnets PaymentGuard

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