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Eastnets Messaging Warehouse

Managing All Financial Data in One Centralized Repository


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Instant access to live and archived data.

With unlimited storage and instant access to live and archived data, you can view and analyze your financial data effortlessly. 

With dynamic API integrations to banking channels, you can monitor traffic in real-time and trigger alerts with ease, enabling a whole new level of business activity tracking. 

Whether you need routine or on-demand reports and dashboards, our solution is designed to deliver powerful insights into your financial data, empowering you to make informed decisions.

The Eastnets advantage

  1. Facilitates secure data storage of over 10 terabytes for a 15-year duration

Achieves seamless integration with +40 global networks, proficiently managing +900 transactions per second

Rapidly retrieves millions of messages within seconds

  1. Daily analysis of over 2 million transaction relationships

Globally serves a user base exceeding 1 million

Enables long-term data retention for more than 100 global institutions

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Key features

Archive all information

Store Swift traffic and all of its related information in one place for as long as needed, ready for investigations and extractions.

Boost operational efficiency

Carry out powerful analysis, investigations, and audits quickly and efficiently, using our comprehensive reporting tools and lightning-fast free text search.

Simplify audit procedures

Automate your long-term statistical analysis and extract data in many formats, including PDF, Excel, and Word

Provide advanced ISO 20022 experience

Store ISO20022 traffic, search, and dynamically extract data, with an efficient view of multi-format ISO20022 messages, including SWIFT Cross-Border Payments and Reporting Plus (CBPR+).

A secure, safe, and controlled environment

With an exact picture of Swift, non-Swift, and domestic traffic in a safe location with read-only access – the Eastnets Messaging Warehouse allows effective risk management.

Product components

Eastnets Messaging Analytics

See transactional reports on message flows using pre-made dashboards, or create unlimited custom reports to better understand and evaluate your worldwide coverage.

Eastnets Messaging gpi Tracker

Seamlessly track all live and archived messages through a single, user-friendly interface. SWIFT gpi Tracker makes it easy to consult, investigate, query, and extract both gpi and non-gpi transactions.

Eastnets Messaging API

Store messages, gain access and extract all traffic information easily. API compatibility makes it simple to securely integrate external systems into your messaging information.

Eastnets Messaging Alerts

Easily configure and receive custom message and event alerts in real-time, helping you stay on top of all related activity the second things happen.

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