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Eastnets SafeWatch Screening

The world’s most sophisticated Anti‑Money Laundering and Anti‑Terrorist Financing solution.


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Swift _Compatible Application_ Alliance Screening Add-on 2024_webThe power of real-time screening.

A single detection point means one intuitive interface that centralizes alerts from any and all sources. Robust and real-time reporting and archiving functionality, meanwhile, satisfies every regulatory and audit requirement you’ll encounter.


The Eastnets advantage

Filter transactions, messages, and customers against watchlists in real time. Blockchain technology automates the Watchlists update process. Meet legal and regulatory obligations with confidence.

Key features

Screening capabilities

Real-time blocking and batch screening, with the ability to screen everything from databases to names, files and messages.

List management capabilities

Easily manage an unlimited number of lists, including sanctions, Politically Exposed Persons and adverse media lists.

Detection management capabilities

A central monitoring point for all financial traffic, and a single consolidated interface for compliance officers and auditors.

Reporting capabilities

Generate standard or custom reports, covering the most common requirements of most regulatory and auditing bodies.

Bankinter Luxembourg is growing fast, and the challenge for us was finding a comprehensive sanction screening solution that would also allow us the flexibility to integrate seamlessly with our back-end systems. Eastnets SafeWatch Screening was a perfect fit and built for scale. We were thrilled to work with a team of highly credible professionals who understood our requirements and were able to implement and go live pain-free.

Adolfo Gutiérrez, Chief Information Officer Bankinter Luxembourg Bankinter Luxembourg

Bankinter Luxembourg
At Skandinavisk Data Center, we recognize that financial institutions must have a reliable transaction screening solution that incorporates the latest sanctions. This is precisely what Eastnets SafeWatch Screening provides, and we can confidently say that it has fulfilled our expectations, and those of our clients. Our customers can now trust that their transactions are being handled by a modern and efficient application that meets all their needs. In addition, the implementation was pain-free, fast, professionally planned, and handled.

Gitte Nielsen, Team Lead | Payments Compliance & Cross-Border Payments Skandinavisk Data Center

Gitte Nielsen, Team Lead  Payments Compliance & Cross-Border Payments-2

Product components

SafeWatch Screening ChainFeed

Updating sanction lists has traditionally been done manually in batches, creating windows for delay, error and fraud risk. ChainFeed employs blockchain technology to complete these updates automatically and in real time.

SafeWatch Screening Analytics

Uncompromising business intelligence at your fingertips. SafeWatch Screening Analytics allows you to explore ready-made analytics dashboards or create custom reports for your team's specific needs – all using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

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