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Eastnets PaymentGuard

A robust, real-time and multi-channel fraud prevention solution.


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AI-driven fraud prevention.

Dynamically detect and stop fraudulent payments by scanning against a wealth of past data. PaymentGuard uses machine learning to reference a historical database of customer data – including transactions, device information, and geolocations – to intelligently model existing and emerging patterns.

These patterns predict trends as they occur, and generate instant alerts that can be processed using a sophisticated-yet-simple case manager.


The Eastnets advantage

Artificial Intelligence manages payment fraud for you.

Take action on fraudulent attempts before they even happen.

Human-first UI design that makes managing cases easy.

Key features

Real-time monitoring

Analyze, predict and intercept fraudulent and suspicious payment activity in real time, with zero downtime.

Threat modelling library

PaymentGuard boasts a vast, continually updated library of threat models designed to aid accurate threat detection.

Powered by AI

An AI-powered detection model uses state-of-the-art machine learning to stay vigilant against emerging threats.

Simple case management

Easy-to-use case management allows investigators to act effectively and instantly to any flagged fraud attempt.

Product components

PaymentGuard Analytics

Get access to rich current and historical data with intuitive, modular charts, tables and graphs. Link Analysis, meanwhile, allows teams to easily surface links between customers through transaction histories.

PaymentGuard AI

Machine learning scours existing fraudulent cases, current customer behavior and previously-unseen trends to detect payment fraud and stop it in its tracks. Our AI offers both supervised and unsupervised techniques.

PaymentGuard Open Banking

Open Banking fraud prevention models based on Transaction Risk Analysis as specified in PSD2, allowing you to adjust risk scoring parameters to keep fraud rates well below regulation thresholds.

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