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Eastnets SafeTrade

Screening and money laundering monitoring built for the future.


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Brilliantly sophisticated monitoring.

Put an end to trade-based money laundering. Eastnets SafeTrade manages the risks inherent in international trade with ever-updating compliance screening.

SafeTrade brings together a carefully curated array of monitoring tools, making complex screening simpler and guaranteeing compliance with all financial and trade-related regulatory requirements.


The Eastnets advantage

Accurately distinguish between illegal and legitimate trade.

Bring all your AML work streams into one platform.

Get alerted to unusual trade activity as it occurs.

Key features

A single-platform solution

Eastnets SafeTrade provides an efficient, single-platform solution combining lists and data sets into a single interface.

Continuously updated compliance screening

Watchlists and compliance data are regularly updated with the most reliable, timely and relevant information available.

Regulatory compliance

Eastnets SafeTrade makes it easy to comply with local and international regulatory requirements and best practices.

Trade transaction monitoring

Monitor complex trading trails and suspicious trade finance transactions, accurately and reliably.

AI Models

Identify suspicious customers based on historical transactions and relationships using bespoke AI models.

Deep Clustering Techniques

Segment existing customer groups more intelligently based on behavioural similarities using deep clustering techniques.

OCR and NLP Technologies

Extract, classify, and validate key information from trade documents using a combination of OCR and Natural Language Processing.

Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence

Visualize transactions, detections and customer relationships seamlessly using interactive dashboards, business intelligence and link analysis.

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