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Eastnets SafeTrade

An integrated Trade-Based Financial Crime monitoring solution.


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Brilliantly sophisticated monitoring.

Mitigate trade-based financial crime compliance risks. Eastnets SafeTrade manages the risks inherent in international trade with ever-updating compliance screening.


The Eastnets advantage

  1. Detect Trade Finance suspicious transactions.
  1. Bring all your Trade-finance financial crime components monitoring into one platform.
  1. Trade finance document digitization and vessel tracking are part of our trade-based financial crime platform.

Key features

A single-platform solution

Eastnets SafeTrade provides an efficient, single-platform solution combining lists and data sets into a single interface.

Continuously updated compliance screening

Watchlists and compliance data are regularly updated with the most reliable, timely and relevant information available.

Regulatory compliance

Eastnets SafeTrade makes it easy to comply with international standards and national regulatory requirements and best practices.

Trade transaction monitoring

Monitor complex trading trails and suspicious trade finance transactions, accurately and reliably.

AI/NLP-powered document digitization

Extract, classify, and validate key information from trade finance documents such as the bill of lading.

Vessel Tracking

Involve the related vessels in trade-based financial crime monitoring and screening.

Trade finance deal components screening

Letter of credit (SWIFT MT700 series messages), trade finance documents such as bill of lading/ waybills/ airway bills, commercial invoice, packing list and certificate of origin, and the vessel basic information and vessel tracking information updates and notifications.

360 watchlist continuous screening

Screening against the sanctions, PEPs & RCAs, Dual-use goods (DUG), cities and ports, and any other private lists.

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