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Eastnets AI-Driven Solutions 

Improve detections, better predict fraudulent activities, and Identify suspicious transactions with the help of AI. 

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Artificial Intelligence that speaks your language.

Use a variety of bespoke AI models in real-time supervised, unsupervised, and proprietary to provide compelling financial compliance risk, fraud detection capabilities, and optimal cross-border payment routing.

Eastnets SafeWatch AML - Utilize intelligent AI-driven transaction and relationship analytics to create risk scores and identify anomalous behaviors. Observe a significant reduction in false positives through optimizing and calibrating alerts using unsupervised AI models.

Eastnets SafeWatch Screening - Provide contextual screening from pre-processing to historical decisions using an AI-based matching system. Generate more accurate risk scores and reduce false positives.

Eastnets PaymentGuard - Discover a pioneering anti-fraud solution powered by machine learning. Eastnets AI pores over data to predict fraudulent transactions in the SWIFT payment environment before they happen.

Eastnets PaymentSafe - Leverage SWIFT payments gpi-tracking data reducing time and costs in cross-border payment charges utilizing Eastnets AI-driven intelligent router providing the fastest and cheapest correspondent bank to transfer payments.


The Eastnets Advantage

  • Detect complex anomalous behavioral patterns using adaptive AI models in real-time providing compelling insights not detectable by traditional rules-based systems.
  • Reduce false positives significantly improving compliance capabilities, saving time and regulatory fines.
  • Optimize your compliance operations using an AI-generated Alert Risk Ranking model.
  • Scour huge data sets and model correlations into meaningful business insights using advanced analytics and business intelligence generated by AI-driven models.

Key features

Explainable AI

Explainable AIInvestigator Tool allows the investigator to understand what aspects of an account’s behavior triggered the model to predict it as suspicious.

Predictive modelling

Machine learning algorithms flag changes in transaction and customer behavior that detect fraudulent and suspicious activity before it happens.

Unparalleled efficiency

Threat modelling powered by artificial intelligence works 24/7, without downtime or the need for human intervention.

Deep Clustering Techniques

Segment existing customer groups more intelligently based on behavioral similarities using AI deep clustering techniques.

OCR and NLP Technologies

Extract, classify, and validate key information from documents using a combination of OCR and Natural Language Processing.

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