The Challenges

Most financial institutions today have to deal with a diverse array of financial regulations, technologies, and messaging formats. Not only does this require complex operational agility, but it often demands complicated, costly IT infrastructure in order to manage such an enormous range of systems and processes.

The Solution

With en.PaymentSafe, your institution can unify and centralize all payment networks and messaging formats onto a single, easy-to-use platform. This state-of-the-art solution integrates the SWIFT workflow into your core banking system, ultimately reducing operational costs. The solution can be implemented in two different model – either through EastNets’ SWIFT Service Bureau or as an on-premise installation. en.PaymentSafe also allows financial institutions to seamlessly adhere to SEPA regulations in a timely and cost-effective manner.



Dynamic, configurable workflow that defines and controls the flow of each message type and provides a dynamic reporting platform.
Unify workflow processing with multiple payment networks in a single platform
Optimize STP, clearing & settlement processes, and operational efficiency.
Integrate SWIFT workflow with the core banking system.
Manage automated payments and financial transaction messages workflow on SWIFT
Integrate seamlessly AML and sanction list filtering with SWIFT message workflow.
Reduce SWIFT workflow operation costs, enhance control of financial flows, and improve clearing & settlement processes with counterpart and market infrastructure.

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