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The Paypers Webinar: Enhancing Instant Payment Security with Verification of Payee and Real-Time Fraud Control

Wednesday, June 26, 2024 I 11:00 BST | 12:00 CEST 


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Instant payment fraud is on the rise globally, and regulatory mandates to secure fund transfers are imminent. Financial institutions face the challenge of becoming compliant by regulatory deadlines. This webinar will explore the latest regulatory measures, industry strategies, and advanced technologies available to combat fraud effectively. 

Join industry leaders from Eastnets, iPiD, LHV Bank, and Innopay as they discuss strategies to prevent instant payment fraud and the future direction of the industry. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Regulatory Insights: Understanding verification of payee mandates to enhance instant payment security in regions like the UK and SEPA EU, as well as cross-border. 
  • Solutions for Smaller Institutions: Effective changes to the payment flow without compromising customer experience. 
  • Fraud Investigation Strategies: Correlating and analyzing data points across internal and external sources in a short timeframe. 
  • Advanced Technologies: Supporting payment fraud investigation in real-time using AI/ML technologies. 
  • Risk Mitigation: Implementing comprehensive fraud risk strategies on-premises or in the cloud for faster compliance and speed to market. 
  • Future Outlook: Staying ahead in the industry while collaborating to combat fraud. 


  • Melisande Mual - Publisher and Managing Director - The Paypers 
  • Maria Christina Diaz, Business Development Manager for Payments – Eastnets  
  • Kaspar Loog - Director of Product Management – LHV Bank  
  • Linda Geux - Head of Strategy & Innovation - InnoPay/Oliver Wyman 
  • Alain Raes - Co-founder and CCO - iPiD

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