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WEBINAR: SWIFT’s ISO20022 Adoption: Evolving from FIN to FINplus

03 February 2022

Adoption of CBPR+ ISO-20022 will begin by November 2022 and will be followed by a 3-year coexistence period with legacy SWIFT MT standards, which will end in November 2025. By this date, Financial Institutions are expected to at least receive CBPR+ ISO20022 formatted messages depending on the readiness of their counterparties. In this webinar hosted by Eastnets and Swift, we aim to help you build an understanding of the requirements of FINPlus and to enable you to exchange the CBPR+ ISO 20022 messages for securities and payments in a secure and reliable way.

In this webinar you will gain a full understanding of the following:

  • latest updates on SWIFT’s ISO20022 adoption program: FINPlus and in-flow translation capabilities.
  • The requirements for implementation and testing of FINplus
  • The actions that you need to take today to comply with the adoption program

Webinar Agenda: 

  • ISO 20022 Adoption Program Overview
  • CBPR+: How Financial Institutions can prepare for the November 2022 rollout.
  • FINPlus and In-flow Translation: Implementation and Testing.
  • Eastnets’ Service Bureau readiness for ISO 20022
  • Eastnets’ plan to implement FINPlus
  • Eastnets in support of ISO 20022

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