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TIBCO & Eastnets Meetup Series 19th Aug

TIBCO & Eastnets Meetup Series 19th Aug  


 19 August 2021
  • How can organizations innovate in today’s ultra-competitive global financial ecosystem that is rapidly shifting towards decentralized business models, driven by the smart contract economy?
  • What are the architectural, security, technological, and policy considerations to help future-proof your business?

To answer these questions and much more, join us for the second TIBCO & Eastnets Meetup Series: 19th Aug

  • On Thursday 19th August, we’ll delve deeper into blockchain innovation with a top panel where Nelson will be joined by Saeed Patel (Group Product Development Management Director, Eastnets), Seun Sotominu (Data Scientist, Eastnets), and Jesus Centeno (Chief of Staff, OOCTO, TIBCO Software Inc.) as moderator. The panel will discuss how real-time compliance risk solutions in AML and KYC encompassing AI and blockchain technologies are at the frontier of combating financial crime. They will also explore collaborative intelligence solutions where human and machine learning plays a pivotal role in the detection and reporting of suspicious transactions, identify anomalous behavior and help to reduce AML false positives.

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Thursday, August 19, 2021 - Technology as a disrupter to financial crime




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