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Fraud & Financial Crime Europe

5th Annual | LONDON

20-21 September 2022

The Center for Financial Professionals is pleased to announce the announcement of the 5th Annual Fraud and Financial Crime Europe 2022 Summit, which will take place at One America Square Hotel in London on September 20-21, 2022. Attendees may expect to hear from 20+ industry professionals who will share their thought leadership through presentations, panel discussions, and Q&As during the Summit. During the frequent breaks throughout each day, the Summit provides a wonderful chance to network with speakers and industry partners.

Eastnets Luncheon Address Speaker : Saeed Patel

Date: 21 September 2022

Time: 12:35 pm


Saeed Photo

How is artificial intelligence and data analytics transforming the way firms are combatting fraud and financial crime.

  • What are the challenges in firms relying on traditional rules based AML and anti-fraud solutions
  • What skills do Investigators need today to use AI effectively
  • What is AI, machine learning and data analytics
  • What are the latest techniques in AI and machine learning
  • How can firms transition from rules-based solution to a AI data driven solution
  • What business benefits can be realized from AI and machine learning

Please visit the event page, here for more information

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