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International regulatory pressures to combat money laundering and terrorist financing have intensified at anunprecedented rate. Due to the nature of financial services,detecting and preventing financial crime is becoming more and more complex. Compliance professionals are thus looking for better and more cost-effective strategies. With a customer-centric focus, EastNets has developed solutions to address these specific challenges.


en.SafeWatch Profiling® is a rapidly deployable anti-money laundering solution with central data processing, trend analysis and suspicious behavior identification engine that provides a robust, effective and easy-to-use transaction and customer monitoring solution that is configurable and flexible to adapt to new risks and regulations. en.SafeWatch Profiling® is unique in its powerful data analytics and visualization capability, powered by IBM i2, this key feature of the solution allows the analysis of trends and behaviors and centralizes and correlates data and transactions into a single interface turning multiple flows of information into high value intelligence supported by graphical representation. en.SafeWatch Profiling® also offers a set of predefined rules based on KYC controls, transaction monitoring, account behavior monitoring, relationship monitoring and counter party activity monitoring. Rules can easily be combined to create more complex scenarios as needed.


en.SafeWatch Profiling’s goAML module addresses the UNODC goAML regulatory compliance reporting requirements, which have been adopted by numerous national FIUs and/or competent authorities. This module enables Financial Institutions to make sure the reportable customers, accounts, transactions and activities are adequately reported to the competent authorities. Download factsheet for more information on goAML Reporting.


  • Risk-Based Behavior Monitoring
  • Customizable Parameters to Reduce False Positives
  • Advanced Link Analysis and Visualization Powered by IBM
  • Holistic View through an Interactive Dashboard
  • Dynamic Reporting Module
  • The Ability to choose and create your own Scenarios

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SWP with Risk Scoring Capabilities

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