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Over 1,000 financial institutions and corporates in 120 countries benefit from solutions powered by EastNets, including 22 of the top 50 global banks. 

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EastNets Customers

What Our Customers Are Saying

“ING Direct is very pleased with the implementation and results of en.SafeWatch Filtering. With this robust solution in place, we can ensure that our customers and our organization spanning multiple geographies are well protected against risk.” 
“With en.SafeWatch Filtering we can accelerate our internal authentication decisions, reduce the risks associated with user anonymity and comply with the numerous International and Local AML and ATF regulations. Today, en.SafeWatch Filtering has successfully helped us achieve a higher level of STP and a quicker time to compliance.” 
Henk Meijer 
Senior Manager Anti-Fraud & Anti-Money Laundering 

ING Direct


"Signature Bank, SIGNUS33, has been a client of EastNets for over 5 years. We moved to their outsourced data center product in 2009 to support our Alliance connectivity. EastNets is a very good service provider. System availability is always good and their customer service/on site support excellent. We are pleased that we engaged EastNets to provide our SWIFT platform Support."  
George Hoffman 
Funds Transfer Manager 

Signature Bank

“When the time came to strengthen our compliance practices we turned to EastNets to deliver an account and transaction monitoring solution that could meet our business needs and better protect our firm against transactional risk. 

We have been very pleased with EastNets’ en.SafeWatch OFAC/Transaction Filtering application and SWIFT Alliance empowerment tools already being used in our bank. The en.SafeWatch Profiling solution can be implemented within a 2-3 month timeframe, and is extremely easy to use, flexible and configurable. The solution’s unique approach to scenario building with out-of the-box standard scenarios, helps to reduce false positives and allows our compliance staff to be more productive and effective.” 

Horst Finkbeiner 
Chief Operating Officer 

Bermuda Commercial Bank

“As a de novo bank we were constrained by resources and time to quickly jumpstart our SWIFT operations for international business, which was very critical in the current competitive banking environment. EastNets provided us professional guidance and step-by-step support from membership application to getting the full infrastructure installed at the bank. Through the EastNets’ en.Service Bureau, we were able to be on the SWIFT network and do live-messaging in a matter of a few weeks.”

Mr. Alan Thian
President and CEO

Royal Business Bank

“GPS is delighted to have selected and deployed EastNets’ premier Service Bureau for outsourced SWIFT connectivity. EastNets will enable GPS to accelerate our financial transactions in an accurate and highly-secure manner as well as reduce the cost and risk of making an increasing volume of international payments.”

Jason Langston


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