Corporate Social Responsibility

EastNets’ Corporate Responsibility Program provides ongoing support to environmental, social and cultural causes to communities and individuals in need.

My First Laptop - Join our Trek to help raise funds

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility activities, EastNets is now a proud sponsor of Netketabi.  

The objective of the Netketabi initiative is to give Palestinian children tools for personal growth and development and a window to the world of today by enabled self-empowered learning.  

The NetKetabi initiative believes in the power of education and the importance of technology in education, and to change the future of Palestine to a brighter and prosperous one. 

Our Mission 

Your contribution to meet the goal of investing in 280,000 laptops is important and will help build a better future for Palestine. One laptop is only $280 - this will help give one child in Palestine his/her first laptop computer.


Our Aim
Travel to Nepal and Trek to the Summit of Kala Patar's Base Camp for Brilliant views of Everest by completing this year's two challenges:

1. Option (1): 6 days Everest view tented trek

2. Option (2): 13 days Everest Base Camp tented trek


For more information on the trek sponsorship opportunity, please click here

If you are interested to learn more about this project, or would like to donate money, EastNets will be happy to assist. You can contact us via


EastNets Sponsors Charity Ride for Second Year to Support Action Medical Research

EastNets has recently sponsored a London to Paris four-day 300-mile bike race to raise funds for Action Medical Research

Hazem Mulhim and Jaap Kamp

Hazem Mulhim and Jaap Kamp at the Ride Finish in Paris, 24 July

“EastNets is very pleased to be sponsoring this event for the second year, raising funds for a highly respected organization,” said Hazem Mulhim, CEO of EastNets. “EastNets is committed to our Corporate Responsibility Program, helping social and cultural causes and communities and individuals in need.”

In 2010 the charity Action Medical Research raised a record one million sterling pound via participants and their sponsors for medical research affecting babies and infants.

Action Medical Research is a leading UK charity focusing on child health. The charity is currently funding research into many serious diseases and conditions, including meningitis, pneumonia, cerebral palsy and premature birth, as well as supporting the development of new treatments to improve the quality of life for disabled children.

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