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Eastnets Blockchain

Real-time, blockchain-based watchlist updates.

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Transformative updates made easy.

Blockchain technology makes for a smoother, easier update journey – and an industry-leading watchlist update solution. It ensures watchlists are always up to date and error-free, while reducing the administrative burden of manual updates.

All with automation, speed, downtime elimination, integrity checks, more comprehensive security and greater consistency.



The Eastnets advantage

Remove time-consuming manual processes that hog resources.

Put an end to human error.

Update sanction lists automatically, without creating windows for error.

Key features

Complete automation

Updates are conducted automatically and without human intervention, making risk of error or fraud impossible.

Unprecedented speed

As soon as a name is added or deleted from the watchlist, updates are made to the institution’s system immediately.

Zero downtime

Because of blockchain technology’s always-on nature, there’s no need to interrupt operations.

Integrity checks

The integrity of watchlist content can be verified against the ChainFeed ledger to ensure watchlist screening validity.

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