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Instant payment

Instant payment: Enhancing security with Verification of Payee and efficient real-time fraud control

45 min watch


Instant payment fraud is on the rise globally and regulatory mandates to secure fund transfers are imminent. This presents a particular challenge for financial institutions looking at becoming compliant on time for the regulatory deadlines. 

The webinar investigates the various regulatory measures and industry strategies as well as the advanced technologies available to combat fraud. 

Join us for an exclusive webinar where industry leaders from Eastnets, iPID, LHV Bank and Innopay discuss effective and efficient strategies to prevent instant payment fraud and where the industry is going. 

  • The regulatory landscape for the verification of payee mandates to enhance instant payment security within regions (UK, SEPA EU, …) as well as cross-border.
  • The impact of verification of payee essentially for smaller financial institutions and the most effective changes to the payment flow without compromising customer experience. 
  • The challenges for the investigation fraud experts to correlate and analyse data points across internal data silos as well as external data sources in a very short timeframe.  
  • Holistic approaches to support payment fraud investigation in real-time with the innovative and advanced AI/ML technologies.   
  • Implementation of a comprehensive fraud risk mitigation strategy, whether on-premises or in the cloud, for faster compliance and speed to market  
  • The future of instant payments and fraud, enabling industry players to stay ahead of competition while collaborating to combat fraud. 

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