What will happen to your SWIFT messages in case of Alliance Access software or database failures? 

This is one of the most important problems faced by financial institutions today which poses a significant risk, but one that can be eliminated with the protection that en.Recovery provides. en.Recovery provides full backup and recovery capabilities to protect your payment environment, and manage outage recovery of your Alliance Access environment.

en.Recovery offers a unique set of benefits:  

Global protection against database corruption: 

In addition to protecting you against physical failures and database software failures, en.Recovery also protects you against potential SAA software failures. Resume operations in a matter of minutes: en.Recovery is an application-level tool, this enables you to resume operations on an SAA cold backup in a matter of minutes.  en.Recovery guards against multiple system failure risks. Database corruptions can result from a physical failure (e.g. caused by file system corruption or human error) or from a software failure (e.g. caused by memory corruption or software defect). The latter may cause Alliance Access to write corrupted information on both the database and its log file, jeopardizing operations. en.Recovery builds on the fact that each message in SAA is copied onto a separate database, in near real-time. Consistency checks are made to ensure that corruptions potentially introduced by SAA when creating or updating a message are not copied across. In case of restart on  SAA cold backup, en.Recovery is your wizard to re-create any message not yet sent to SWIFT and re-inject or retrieve any message not yet received by the back office. 

A fast Restart and Recovery of Operations: 

In case of restart on a cold back-up system, it is important, from a business point of view, to be able to send and receive new traffic. en.Recovery enables you to exchange new traffic, and to thus adhere to the coming cut-off times, only a few minutes after starting the new SAA. Conversely, the SAA full database Recovery option requires a restore of the full database backup and of all incremental ones, followed by a replay of the redo log, before SAA can be restarted. Even if the restore of the backup (full and incremental) are performed in advance, the redo log always needs to be replayed. 

No complex configurations on Alliance Access: 

en.Recovery imposes no particular requirements on the Alliance Access configuration. Standard ADK components are only installed on the primary and secondary SWIFT servers.  

A value added integration with en.TransactionDataRecovery (en.TDR) solution:

en.Recovery can easily connect to en.TDR modules using the same infrastructure.

Users can benefit from serval other features: 

  • Search SWIFT messages and Events using options of very simple to very complex search criteria. 
  • Produce Reports on SWIFT activity (technical and business reports) and build any custom report. 
  • Monitor the traffic and receive alerts via creation business and technical scenarios.
  • Preview your business and performance behavior in real time via graphical charts.

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