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EastNets Security Audit of your SWIFT Infrastructure

Failure is Not an Option   

On May 13, 2016, a statement was issued by swift, asking customers to remember that:   
“as a SWIFT user the customer is responsible for the security of their own systems interfacing with the SWIFT network and their related environment”   

Following a number of recent attacks on the SWIFT banking system that led to the theft of millions of dollars, financial institutions are becoming more aware of the possible gaps in their operations and their systems and the need to regularly audit the immunity of their swift infrastructure to guard against such attacks.    

This is a real threat to Financial Institutions globally, as forensic experts believe malware used in reported customer incidents was not a single occurrence, but part of a wider and highly adaptive campaign targeting Financial Institutions.    

Security is an essential element of the SWIFT Infrastructure. This area includes password management, physical security, user profile setup, encryption, SSL setup, Firewall rules, certificate management and awareness.  With its substantial expertise and knowledge in SWIFT infrastructure and a professional team of experts. 
EastNets can help Financial Institution in their effort to guard against these types of attack in particular. 

Download the Factsheet to learn more about this critical issue.   

Eastnets Factsheet

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