Combating Cross-Border Payment Fraud: Challenges and Solutions | EastNets

  • Nezar Nassr - Product Manager, Financial Crime Solutions |EastNets® 
  • Nasser Sweileh - Head of Financial Crime and Compliance Risk |EastNets® 
  • Michael McCaw - Moderator,
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Each presenter shared their unique experience working with financial institutions globally to help them guard against emerging methods of payment fraud. The team answered audience questions regarding cyber-crime and its emerging trends, what financial institutions could do to effectively lower the risk of fraudulent payment breaches, what technology is best suited for your operations, and how to prepare for migrating your fraud defenses to an AI-powered platform.

Issues this webinar highlights:

  • Cross-border payment fraud use cases.
  • Global trends for cross-border payment fraud.
  • How to detect cross-border payment fraud and prevent it. 
  • An overview of the pros and cons of the two approaches to combat cross-border payment fraud- the descriptive approach and predictive approach. 
  • Artificial intelligence and its role in combating cross-border payment fraud.
  • What should you look for in a comprehensive solution to combat cross-border payment fraud?    
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