Fast-track your SWIFT gpi transformation and elevate your customers’ cross-border payment experience to faster, fully traceable payments.

Learn about the value adding benefits of SWIFT gpi to you and your corporate customers:

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On-Demand Webinar 

SWIFT gpi benefits all financial institutions (FIs) and is quickly becoming the new norm. More than 280 FIs registered for SWIFT gpi and are now sending over $100bn in gpi payments daily representing more than 80% of correspondent payments traffic on specific corridors like US/China.

In this webinar, EastNets experts address key issues including the following:

  • Inside SWIFT’s gpi initiative. 
  • The SWIFT gpi mandate and Its impact on the SWIFT community.
  • The business case for SWIFT gpi.
  • How to upgrade your back-office for SWIFT gpi.
  • How to offer SWIFT gpi premium service to your retail/corporate customers.