The Challenges

Today, global financial transactions happen faster and more frequently than ever before – which means that filtering all these transactions, payment messages, and customers have never been more challenging.
These challenges are compounded by an increasingly complex, ever-changing regulatory environment, meaning that financial institutions need real, comprehensive solutions for screening and filtering transactions.

The Solution

SWF - SWIFT Compatible Application Alliance Screening Add-on 2020_web

en.SafeWatch Filtering is a web-based solution that comprehensively tackles the issues of watch list screening and AML detection in real time. With a highly sophisticated, centralized detection engine, en.SafeWatch Filtering allows institutions to check all transactions, messages, and customers against diverse watch lists. The solution’s flexible, easily adaptable rule-builder allows for seamless versatility – ensuring that you stay up-to-date on the latest compliance regulations and recommendations.




Comply with AML/CTF laws and regulations and avoid fines and reputational damage.


Maintain a low false positive rate.


Comprehensive list support including Dow Jones, World-Check, and in-house lists.


Ensure smooth and seamless integration with existing systems & applications.