en.safewatch 360 transaction risk radar

The Challenges

For financial institutions, screening and monitoring transactions against watch lists and tracking suspicious behavior is an increasingly complex and resource-consuming task. Along with the incredible speed and scale of the global financial sector, FIs must deal with a highly intricate and frequently changing regulatory environment. More often than not, when cases of money laundering or fraud are detected, the financial institutions involved have already accrued significant losses. Meanwhile, the methods and techniques used by financial criminals are continually evolving, and most monitoring and compliance solutions struggle to stay ahead of the curve – especially while still maintaining operational and cost efficiencies.
Financial institutions need to be able to monitor, investigate, and respond to potential cases of fraud and money laundering with intelligence and agility – and in such a complex, fast-paced transactional and regulatory environment, it’s a constant uphill battle.

The Solution

With en.SafeWatch360 Transaction Risk Radar (360 TR2), financial institutions can finally take a proactive, real-time approach in the fight against fraud and money laundering. en.SafeWatch360 Transaction Risk Radar is a highly effective, rapidly deployable solution for detecting and preventing money laundering and fraudulent transactions. The state-of-the-art software can connect to countless data sources simultaneously, allowing financial institutions to streamline their anti-money laundering and fraud operations while ensuring full compliance with all national and international laws and regulations.

en.SafeWatch360 Transaction Risk Radar allows financial institutions to easily construct and reconfigure the parameters through which they screen customer behaviors – not only in real-time, but also offline and aggregated over time. The software can help better monitor high-risk accounts, high-risk countries, high-risk and politically exposed persons (PEPs), and high-risk transactions – helping these institutions reduce their own losses, while ensuring ongoing compliance with regulators and auditors.



Real-time suspicious transaction detection capabilities
The ability to monitor customer behaviors
The ability to conduct anti-money laundering investigations in real time. 
Risk ranking for monitored transactions in real-time. 
Dynamic risk scoring for customers and accounts.