EastNets Solution for SWIFT gpi Implementation.

The Challenges

With the introduction of SWIFT’s new global payments innovation (gpi) technology, the nature of cross-border payments is quickly transforming. This new gpi system is transforming the customer experience by delivering faster cross-border payments and real-time, end-to-end payment tracking – and thus it is little surprise that gpi is quickly being adopted around the world as the gold standard for SWIFT connectivity for cross border payments. As SWIFT gpi adoption is rapidly growing, financial institutions that haven’t implemented gpi yet require a short time to market to rollout gpi service, with minimum changes to their existing applications

The Solution

Offering full support of SWIFT’s new gpi initiative, EastNets solution has been carefully designed and developed in accordance with the SWIFT gpi rulebook, providing exceptionally quick implementation through standardized configuration and seamless integration with different back-office applications. EastNets solution lowers the cost of ownership and decreases the time to market for rolling out SWIFT gpi services. FIs can rollout SWIFT gpi service faster than ever. 




Enriched gpi transaction information


SWIFT gpi operational workflow and scenarios


Streamlined, single-interface transaction tracking


 Comprehensive, detailed transaction information


Automatic generation and reconciliation of SWIFT gpi status updates


User-defined message retention period


Configurable notifications for pending gpi payments


Access gpi information from any banking channel

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