The Challenges

Although SWIFT Alliance Access is a reliable system for processing and managing payment messages, it’s important to protect your data in the event that something goes wrong. Software failures, database failures, outages, and other issues can potentially wreak havoc on a financial institution’s payment environment, making it more critical than ever to have a strong back-up and recovery plan.

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The Solution

With en.Recovery, your SWIFT Alliance Access (SAA) operations have never been more secure. en.Recovery offers a comprehensive cold backup system that actively protects against software failures, database corruptions, and other potential SAA issues – ensuring that your institution is able to resume operations in a matter of minutes. The solution is an application-level tool that can easily be integrated with en.TransactionDataRecovery, guaranteeing unrivalled peace of mind.




Full backup and recovery capabilities to protect your financial messaging environment and manage outage recovery of your Alliance Access environment.


Ensure no loss or duplication of messages.


Global protection against database corruption or outage.


No complex configurations on Alliance Access.


Manage fast restart and recovery of operations.


Reduce retrieval costs and losses.

Minimize downtime from hours to minutes.

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