Designed to optimize Sanctions and Embargo screening operations, reduce the number of false positive alerts and increase operational performance of your monitoring tools, this unique and customized service offered by EastNets specialists will guide you on how to tune configuration parameters and discuss best practices for traffic and customer name-monitoring strategies. Our experts will analyze your data and compare it with industry practices to provide suggestions on how to optimize the capabilities of the solution whilst retaining or improving the current level of security.

An in-depth analysis will be conducted on a significant sample of filtered data, in order to identify the string patterns leading most frequently to a false positive hit.

The process of reducing the rate of false-positive hits includes the following elements:

  • Tuning of the List Set definitions.
  • Reviewing existing Good Guys to rationalize their definition and identify potential risks.
  • Creating new conditional or unconditional Good Guys to match the most frequent false-positive patterns.
  • Limiting the use of some Black Lists depending on specific SWIFT, SEPA or proprietary message context elements, or on customer definition elements.
  • Review of the Neutral Words and Synonyms.
  • Highlight the benefits of the anti-Stripping functionality that prevents the resending of slightly modified versions of a message that has been previously stopped by the Compliance Department aiming at bypassing the filter.
  • Highlight the benefits of the Optional Pairing function that ensures the same decision is systematically applied by the Compliance Department to both the MT103 and the related MT202 COV.

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