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Senior Software Developer

Amman, Jordan

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In order to meet the software requirements and support Eastnet's vision, we are looking for a Senior Software Developer.

While working in a team-based setting, the post holder will actively assist and provide guidance to different functional teams within Eastnets.


  • If you are recruited, you will be responsible for doing the duties listed below for the business:controlling and evaluating product needs.
  • Reviewing and confirming various product requirement specifications, such as those for software, design/architecture diagrams, task technical specifications, etc.
  • Creating the approval criteria for unit testing.
  • Creating test and quality plans.
  • Carrying out sanity checks before every product release.
    coordinating, examining, and updating test case specifications and test methods.
  • Defining many forms of testing.
  • Performing tests on developed applications' core and complicated components in accordance with test strategies and test cases.
  • Installing and setting up Eastnet's programmes in order to test them.
  • Discussing the outcomes of the test execution with the QA team.
  • Putting the application into use and deployment.
  • Updating all project stakeholders on the status, test coverage, results, and progress.Managing the bug life cycle involves evaluating, ranking, and following up on problems until they are properly closed (Closed or Deferred).
  • Accepting the delivery of new updates of internal and external applications.
  • Managing customer cases and the support process.
    keeping current test artefacts.
  • Taking part in the evaluation of various product manuals and spotting faults with document quality.
  • Ensuring that new product releases follow the functional specifications, performance standards, security standards, GUI, and usability guidelines.
    Giving less experienced Quality Assurance coworkers advice and direction.
  • Taking part in the process of defining and identifying areas that can be improved, measuring those changes, and putting those improvements into practise and rolling them out to make sure that overall quality standards and customer expectations are met or surpassed.
  • Examining, advising, and implementing tools as required with the intention of boosting test coverage through automation.


The candidate should have the following qualifications/requirements:

  • A degree or an equivalent international technical qualification in computer science, information systems, or a related engineering subject.
  • 5 years or more of hands-on experience developing IT software.
    comprehensive comprehension of the system's development cycle.
  • Strong cooperation and communication throughout the team.
    a proactive strategy for fixing issues.
  • Extensive expertise in creating apps based on RDBMS.
  • Extensive knowledge of stored procedures and SQL statements in Oracle and/or Microsoft SQL.
  • Understanding of software modelling and UML.
  • Good understanding of OO design and analysis.
  • Design and implementation expertise for software integration.
  • Knowledge of the SCRUM development process.
  • Knowledge of software source-control techniques and systems.
  • A huge bonus is having knowledge of networking protocols.
  • An enormous benefit is having knowledge of Windows or Unix shell scripting.
  • A key benefit is having knowledge of financial software, SWIFT, AML, or compliance.
  • An important plus is having knowledge of reporting engines like Crystal Reports or Jasper Software.
  • Db2 experience is a plus.

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