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COVID-19 and Eastnets: A message from CEO Hazem Mulhim

Eastnets is committed to supporting our customers, keeping our employees safe, ensuring business continuity, and helping combat the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been closely monitoring evolving COVID-19 developments and will continue to make decisions in the best interest of our clients and employees.

I want to share what we have been doing to protect our clients in these challenging times.

You and your teams depend on us being available to serve you; this is our top priority. As such, we’ve taken a region-by-region approach, guided by local experts and authorities. Our teams worldwide are equipped to work remotely and perform their jobs securely. We have also implemented new security measures in our internal communication channels, as well as in the channels in which we communicate with you.

In light of the elevated security risks of working remotely, several customers have asked us to help them maintain secure operational environments. Accordingly, we’ve been sharing product enhancements that allow you to feel confident that you’re doing your best to combat cyber-criminals, and to ensure your business continuity.

Due to tightened travel restrictions, our EastNets colleagues may not be able to see you in person. However, please rest assured that we are open for business and intensely focused on protecting your institution.

Thank you for placing your trust in us over the years. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch:


Contact us:

Tel: +1-212-631-0166 / +1-877-444-9855

Mob: +1-917-596-9252 / +1 917 757 7049



Hazem Mulhim, Eastnets CEO

Hazem is the Founder and CEO of Eastnets. With a career spanning 35 years in international markets, his acute vision and industry insight helped Eastnets build a 750-strong client base and secure multiple prestigious international awards, including recognition for its leadership in a global compliance industry vertical.

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