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Constant Protection: Meet the brand-new Eastnets

Our industry is always changing. Financial compliance and security are never solved problems, and the goalposts don’t stop moving. It’s important, then, that we keep moving with them.

At Eastnets, that means providing a suite of products, services and innovations that adapt and evolve with – and ahead of – the sector. But sometimes it means taking a step back, reviewing what Eastnets means to the industry, and ensuring we’re always driving positive change.

And it’s with that in mind that we’re hugely excited to launch the brand new

A bold new chapter

You may have noticed that we’ve undergone some big changes. But the new Eastnets you’re experiencing right now is so much more than a fresh new look — it’s a thorough restructuring of our product portfolio.

It all comes from a simple purpose: ensuring peace of mind by securing a safer future for everyone. From top to bottom, we’ve streamlined and reorganized our offerings to make them clearer and easier to understand.

We’re a truly digital company with great people working together across three product areas: compliance, payments and cloud. And we have three main drivers of change – evolving technologies, increased regulations and industry threat from cyber-security. Open API, blockchain, AI, business intelligence – these all influence our strategy.

As such, you’ll now find everything we have to offer under three key site sections: Products, Services and Innovation:

  • Products
    Here you’ll find our industry-leading solutions for tackling issues around Crime and Compliance (including AML), Transactions, and SWIFT payment messaging – all while ensuring your business remains operationally efficient and secure.
  • Services
    We have the teams, the expertise and the tools to finetune your Cyber Security efforts or optimize your institution’s processes across the board.
  • Innovation
    Learn how we’re employing Blockchain and machine-learning artificial intelligence to future-proof the security measures

    Finally, we’ve also created this brand-new newsroom, where you can stay up-to-date with our developments, events and opinions.

    A new identity

    To create our updated look and feel, we began with our brand purpose: to ensure peace of mind by securing a safer future for everyone. This guided us throughout the process, constantly ensuring that our new identity reflects what we stand for.

    The shapes in the logo and design system build on this idea of security by taking inspiration from the strongest structure found in nature: the hexagon. At the same time, the east-facing arrow refers back to our original logo and reimagines it with new meaning — pointing the way to a safer future.

    Want to go deeper? You can find out lots more about our history – and how we arrived at where we are now – in this blog post by our CEO, Hazem Mulhim.



Dalia Masad, Group Marketing Manager

Dalia Masad is an experienced marketing and market research professional, with 15 years of experience in cross-functional B2B marketing – communication, branding, demand-generation activities including events. Dalia has a master's degree in Business Administration – MBA – from the University of Colorado.

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