Identify and prevent financial crime schemes

With COVID-19 Financial Crime Monitoring from EastNets, your institution can:

  • Enjoy greater protection against more than 20 types of emerging financial crime schemes related to COVID-19.
  • Save time and resources with ready-to-use scenarios and professional rule configuration and implementation by the EastNets experts.
    Maintain a low false positive rate with well-defined rules and high operational efficiencies.
  • Comply with the latest AML rules, regulations, and reporting requirements from entities including FATF, FinCEN, UN resolutions, the AMLD, and the U.S. Patriot Act.
  • Avoid penalties and fines associated with inadequate financial controls.
  • Quickly and seamlessly upgrade your existing AML/CTF solutions, including en.SafeWatch Profiling®, en.SafeWatch Filtering®, and en.SafeTrade

Financial Crime from Pandemic Circumstances