September 4, 2019

EastNets Client Forum | Jordan

September 4, 2019 – Amman, Jordan

We are honored to extend an invitation to you, to join us at the EastNets Client Forum on September 4, 2019, where EastNets experts and industry leaders will gather to address key industry topics and offer insight and solutions on key issues affecting the financial services industry globally and within the region. 

Some of the topics that will outline the half day event include: 

  • Disruption of operations after a cyber-attack comes with a hefty price to the bank, today’s new technology can help you safeguard against being in this situation.
  • Learn how real-time Money Laundering detection, can make a difference in your compliance efforts, by  incorporates rule and risk based AML methods to automate the detection process, and reduce false positives in real-time.
  • Learn how Transaction Monitoring technology has evolved to better serve compliance.
  • The challenges of SWIFT gpi Implementation and how to overcome them in use cases of real gpi Implementations.
  • Trade Finance and Trade-based Money Laundering: What you need to know about compliance and the TBML risks confronting financial Institution today.

- This event is by invite only.


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