Fight back against a new era of financial crime.

New banking technologies coupled with the trend toward more open and more rapid banking means financial institutions face more security threats than ever before. As cyber-attacks continue to grow in number, sophistication level, and severity, leading to sometimes catastrophic financial and reputational damage, it’s time to take a closer look at your security posture. By revisiting your security policies and taking the essential steps to build up defenses, you can keep your assets, your customers, and your business safe.

EastNets comes at your security needs from every angle.

When you work with EastNets, you benefit from our holistic approach to security. We offer unparalleled experience in SWIFT payment fraud prevention as well as comprehensive expertise in cybersecurity solutions tailored to the financial industry, positioning us to more quickly uncover a deeper range of vulnerabilities and threats. Grounded in decades of hands-on work with banks across the globe, our services emphasize good internal practices along with the right cybersecurity systems and technology to help cover all of your security bases.

Build the right level of defense for your institution.

Whether you require an independent assessment or are looking for hands-on support creating a layered, multipronged defense, EastNets’ flexible menu of payment fraud prevention and cybersecurity services allows you to customize a security strategy tailored to your specific challenges and needs.


Let EastNets help you:

Assess your compliance with the SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP)

EastNets can help you comply with the new 2020 SWIFT mandate requiring an independent onsite audit of a bank’s SWIFT infrastructure and supporting systems. When EastNet’s handles your SWIFT CSP Assessment, you can be confident that we will use our in-depth knowledge of the SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF) to quickly identify any gaps in existing controls implemented within or bordering your SWIFT secure zone. We use our extensive experience working in various operating environments to recommend the best strategies for closing those gaps. And we provide regular, ongoing follow-ups to support your success, assuring you achieve the level of security required by SWIFT. 

SWIFT CSP Assessment Highlights:

  • Meets the requirement for an independent audit of SWIFT controls
  • Detailed, customized recommendations for closing security gaps
  • Ongoing support to close gaps successfully
  • Peace of mind that you are in compliance with SWIFT CSP

Bring security controls into compliance with SWIFT CSP

EastNets can work as part of your operations team to assist in quickly remediating any current deviations from the security standards required by SWIFT CSP. Our Security Care Services help you understand and correctly implement measures needed to protect your SWIFT secure zone at the application, host/operating system, and network levels. And we help you make the updates in a way that complements your operational needs, guaranteeing that you can continue to do business efficiently while maintaining the required level of security. Security Care Services are designed to provide periodic health checks and remediations on an ongoing basis, helping you to identify and correct lapses sooner rather than later, before they turn into major security issues and ensuring you achieve and remain in compliance with the SWIFT CSP long term.

Security Care Service Highlights:

  • Hands-on support for implementing necessary remediations to ensure SWIFT CSP compliance
  • Customized security recommendations that support your operational needs
  • Ongoing health checks to maintain compliance long term

Identify and respond to existing and potential security breaches

Today’s cybercriminals are stealthy. And patient. They sneak in and bide their time, learning your operating environment before they launch an attack. EastNets’ Breach Detection and Response Service helps you take a proactive, vigilant approach to uncovering adversaries by seeking out any threats lurking undetected into your network. Through onsite visits, remote sessions, and data analysis, we dig deep to turn up cyber threats and malicious actors that have slipped past your perimeter security defense. We help you quickly clear and respond to any existing threats within your system. And we assist you in understanding the vulnerabilities or weak points that have enabled breaches so you can build up your defenses and fend off future attacks.

Breach Detection and Response Service Highlights:

  • Comprehensive threat hunting report outlining existing breaches and vulnerabilities including a reconstruction of the timeline of attacks and adversary entry points
  • Immediate response to identified threats including support for eradication and recovery
  • Customized recommendations for preventing future breaches

Assess and build your security maturity:

While SWIFT CSP compliance ensures a baseline level of security for financial institutions, it deals only with the SWIFT secure zone. Because most cyberattacks originate outside of this zone, EastNets offers a Cyber Security Maturity Assessment to more comprehensively assess your organization’s security posture across a wide range of critical security domains, including access control, email security, and security operations. Through extensive, deep technical assessment, we explore and test the details of security processes related to the most important aspects of your operating environment to help you benchmark your organization against cybersecurity best practices. Based on the results of the investigation, we help you build a detailed cybersecurity transformation plan to achieve the recommended level of maturity for your controls.

Cyber Security Maturity Assessment Highlights:

  • A comprehensive report outlining overall security score
  • Insight into the current level of security maturity across each key cybersecurity domain
  • Customized transformation plan for improving security measures across the network

Add a last line of defense against payment fraud

One of the pillar principles of cybersecurity is “defense-in-depth,” which requires layering defenses layer after layer. en.SafeWatch PaymentGuard is an in-network technology solution that serves as your last line of defense, providing a last link in the cyberattack kill chain. Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning with customizable rule-based detections, it finds and intercepts suspicious activity in real-time, shortening the response time to incidents and minimizing the impact of cyber-attacks. PaymentGuard sets itself apart with proprietary features that go the last mile to keep your customers’ assets safe and secure.

EastNets SafeWatch PaymentGuard Highlights:

  • Last line of defense against financial messaging fraud
  • Advanced correlation engine that relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning to intercept and block fraudulent messages in real-time
  • Inline/ in network deployment
  • Reduced false positives


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Lifelong learning has traditionally been a challenge for highly specialized professions such as AML Compliance Officers, Investigators and SWIFT specialists, where the central core of knowledge tends to change continuously.

Implementation& Support

EastNets provides worldclass implementation services for SWIFT and its market-leading en.SafeWatch anti-money laundering solutions.