The Challenges

For financial institutions, duplicate SWIFT messages are often a source of significant and avoidable costs.

Even the slightest discrepancy between two duplicate messages can prevent SWIFT Alliance Access from detecting the duplication – meaning that FIs need a second line of defense for catching these errors.

The Solution

SWIFT Compatible Application Alliance Operational Add-on 2020_web

en.DuplicateDetection is an easily configurable plug-in that allows SWIFT Alliance Access users to detect duplicate messages in real-time. The solution not only detects full duplicates, but also identifies duplication of non-acknowledged messages, non-configured messages, and more. Users can block input and output messages for end-user validation whenever necessary, and can easily and flexibly define the types of messages and fields to check for duplication. With en.DuplicateDetection, financial institutions can finally mitigate the costs and complications incurred by message duplication, with an added layer of detection and security.




Detect in real-time all types of duplicate messages.


Take a precise message routing decision.


Control risk of duplicate payment emission.


Avoid costs incurred by payment reversal.


Increase overall security to prevent duplicate payments.

Configurable user-friendly system.