New York, USA

Technical Consultant


The candidate will deliver technical solutions that support EastNets (EN) strategy and address customer base requirements. She/ he will provide effective support on standard implementations and technical customer issues. The candidate will plan and implement the activities of designated projects, ensuring goals and objectives are accomplished within the prescribed time frame and the functional design as set by the Regional PS Manager.


  • Responsible for the successful onsite implementations of standard offerings.
  • Assist customers through remote support.
  • Document all customer interactions using the company’s support documentation templates and systems.
  • Adhere to QA and Quality Control Processes for all EastNets offerings.
  • Follow the training guidelines as outlined by the team lead/manager.
  • Provide level 1 support for customer issues.
  • Capture, define, and document customer technical and system parameter requirements remotely.
  • Implement SWIFT and/or EastNets solutions on customer sites according to EastNets standard implementation processes (Including readiness check and training).
  • Develop and execute customer implementation test plans in a coordinated effort with the engineering team.
  • Maintain professional and customer focused approaches in all customer interactions.
  • Document all customer interactions to maintain continuity and follow up on open customer issues until resolution.
  • Escalate customer issues to level 2 support when required.
  • Support team leads and other team members as required.
  • Provide recommendations on technology upgrades.
  • Communicate all customer implementation and support interactions to team members.
  • Participate in designing, developing, and supporting new offers as requested by team lead.
  • Recommend and participate in the development of a QA/QC processes with the development team.
  • Identify weaknesses/issues and recommend improvements in the development process.
  • Support newly developed solutions.
  • Train implementation and support staff.
  • Deliver solution, product and service training as needed.
  • Download and notify users of relevant SWIFT documents to servers as requested by the team lead.
  • Attend engineering team meetings to coordinate activities.
  • Provide backup and support for any implementation and support activities as requested by the team lead.
  • Plan deployments and technical designs as requested.
  • Ensure the timely completion of projects and deployments.
  • Coordinate the technical presentations of new technology vendors as requested by the team lead.
  • Work with selected vendors to test and develop new solutions for EastNets as requested by the team lead.
  • Complete at least 150 paid implementations per year.
  • Keep support backlogs at minimal levels.
  • Complete 90% of implementations successfully within set deadlines.
  • Develop at least 2 technical documents to be added to EastNets’ knowledge base.
  • Comply 100% with the TSS and Support procedures and access EastNets intranet for tasks and interactions.
  • Recommend improvements to customer communication and implementation and support processes and procedures.
  • Maintain communication on all technical and non-technical issues with other EastNets groups.
  • Deliver technical training as needed.
  • Keep accurate and complete notes on all assigned tasks.
  • Work with management to determine departmental priorities.
  • Participate in companywide initiatives when assigned.
  • Maintain weekly reporting.
  • Maintain the security of data, devices, and systems at all times, pertaining to personnel, customers and partners.
  • Protect EastNets business information and any customer, supplier or partner information within its custody by safeguarding its confidentiality, integrity and availability.
  • The ability to work night shifts or during holidays and weekends when needed. 


  • Intensive experience in SWIFT Alliance suite (SAA, SWP, SAG, SNL, HSM).
  • Juniper VPN Networking knowledge and/or experience is major plus.
  • Computer Science/ Engineering graduate. 
  • Experience duration of 2 to 5 years in a similar industry: IT, financial markets and technology, SWIFT operations.
  • Proven track record in software installation, networking, and troubleshooting.
  • Managed working teams and successfully completed at least 4 major projects or implementations.
  • Demonstrable ability to develop skills, work effectively with team dynamics, achieve goals, and administer trainings.
  • Familiarity with data encryption, security, firewalls, networking modem technology.
  • Certifications: Windows, UNIX, MSSQL or Oracle

Work conditions: 

  • Full time. 
  • Long seated.
  • Business travel high frequency (Estimated at 60% of office time).


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