Mohamed El Bakkali

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As Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at EastNets since 2007, Mohamed El Bakkali has experienced the fast rise and transformation of the financial industry worldwide.

Bakkali academic background includes multiple Bachelor’s Degrees with Honors in International Business, European Studies and Accountancy and Finance from the Louvain School of Management in Belgium. During the same period, he completed two Erasmus programs with honors, one in Accountancy and Management at Windesheim Hogeschool in the Netherlands, and another in European accounting principles at Université de Bretagne Sud in France. He later finished two Master’s degrees in Business Administration and European Tax Law from the Louvain School of Management.  Bakkali had also complemented his PhD in European Tax Law with a Degree in Strategy from the prestigious Harvard Business School. In 2008, he enrolled at the Belgian Institute of Chartered Accountant and Certified Tax Advisor, achieving certification as Chartered Accountant (CA) and Certified Tax Advisor (CTA).

Following his appointment at EastNets as Finance Director Europe and USA in 2007, Bakkali's first top responsibility and challenge was to manage the financial integration of the newly acquired Belgium-based Side International. Since his promotion to CFO in 2013, he has been managing the daily workload of EastNets’ 16 regional branches and offices worldwide. His current role also includes company funding and maintaining strong banking relationships on local and international levels.