Today, major regulations impose a KYC solution on Banks (FATF Recommendations, 4th EU Directive on AML/CTF regulations, USA Patriot Act and other country- specific regulations). KYC standards not only apply to new customers, but also to existing customers. The directive to know whom you are doing business with, and ensuring the lawfulness and compliance of those parties, is more critical and more tightly regulated than ever before. A comprehensive KYC solution can help you streamlining the process of monitoring customers in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Moreover, it guarantees compliance with Money laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing) AML/CTF directive.


EastNets’ en.SafeWatch KYC helps Financial Institutions identify, verify and monitor their customers. This automated system seizes, organizes and stores customer information. It includes a scientific risk scoring methodology that allows the user to assess the risk associated with an account, and to define the level of risk, allowing for an effective customer due diligence process. With en.SafeWatch KYC, Banks can save time on new customer onboarding and keep track of existing customer information as well. This accurate and cost-effective solution provides results in real-time and protection against unwanted risk and exposure. Concretely, a KYC form is completed in the en.SafeWatch KYC system and then transmitted to the core banking system. It could also be initiated in the core banking system before being transmitted to the en.SafeWatch KYC.

Your advantages:
• Streamlined applicant due diligence.
• Continuous monitoring of customer risk levels.
• Retrieving customer information easily and accurately.
• Saving time and effort by eliminating the duplicative work in completing KYC requirements.
• Comply with upcoming regulations stipulating more detailed information on customers.


  • Seizing and Recording Information.
  • Customer Information Repository.
  • Customer Screening Function.
  • Dynamic Risk Scoring.
  • Real-time Data Share.
  • Ongoing Customer Due Diligence.

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