Duplicate SWIFT messages can result in significant and avoidable costs for your SWIFT Alliance Access (SAA) environment. SAA can stop duplicate messages only in the case of a 100% match with a previously sent message, meaning that all fields have the same values. If just one field has a different value, SAA considers the message to be unique and sends it over the network. With SWIFT Alliance Access, detection occurs only against all non-archived messages present in the Access database. 


EastNets' en.Duplicate Detection plug-in enables SAA users to detect in real time all types of duplicate messages: a full duplicate, a duplicate of non-Acknowledged messages (NAK), a non-configured message, and so on. These options allow the user to fine-tune detection between en.Duplicate Detection Application and SAA. Users are thus able to prevent the emission of outgoing payments and processing of incoming duplicate payments. As a result, the costs and complications of double processing transactions can be mitigated. That saves the financial institution potential losses and unnecessary complications. en.Duplicate Detection manages duplicates in incoming and outgoing SWIFT messages. It extends your SAA PDE/ PDM capabilities by identifying unique, possible duplicate, duplicate of non-Acknowledged messages (NAK), and full duplicate messages. In addition, en.Duplicate Detection blocks input/output messages for user validation when needed and defines the types of messages and fields to check. It offers a user-friendly interface that quickly compares and determines all duplicate instances, including all messages and their related fields. 


  • Use a configurable user-friendly system 
  • Take a precise message routing decision 
  • Control risk of duplicate payment emission 
  • Reduce cost incurred by payment reversal 
  • Increase overall security to prevent duplicate payments 
en.Duplicate Detection is a SWIFT Certified Application. To learn More Visit SWIFT Partner Locator   

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