The New Pan-European SEPA Instant Scheme

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SEPA Credit Transfer Instant (in short SCTInst) is the first instant payment scheme in a region as large as SEPA. It will require making funds available to the beneficiary within 10 seconds after initiation by the creditor or debtor.The need for this new scheme has been instigated by shifts in consumer, corporate and retail expectations around payments processing, and the wave of instant payments in the retail world, which has led the Euro Retail Payment Board of the European Central Bank to assign the European Payment Council to create a new Pan-European instant payment scheme in an effort to harmonize the EURO/SEPA real-time payments market with scalable services where Banks and Payment Service Providers (PSP) can offer SEPA instant credit transfers to citizens and corporates through the SEPA existing infrastructures.

Deploy SEPA Real Time Payments Rapidly, Seamlessly, Cost-effectively

EastNets, your trusted provider of SWIFT/SEPA connectivity, compliance and resilience services, has made SEPA Instant ready in en.PaymentSafe® which offers a  rich set of real-time processing tools enabling you to deploy SEPA Instant, while protecting your existing back office infrastructure and core financial systems. EastNets understands that Implementing SEPA instant does not come without challenge, one of the key challenges is in the complexities associated with ISO20022 XML message and integrating with SEPA Automated Clearing Houses (ACH).

EastNets with its long-standing expertise in the area of payment messaging hub implementations can help you get ahead of the game and accelerates the transition to instant payments without the need for re-engineering existing payment systems. SCTInst presents early adopters with opportunities to launch products with value-added services to grow new business and revenues, achieve cost efficiencies for banks driven by automation and the simplification of operations.

Can you Perform SEPA Instant with complex XML message workflow in 10 seconds end-to-end with immediate funds availability? The answer is Yes, with en.PaymentSafe.

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