SEPA, the single Euro Payment Area, is a framework designed by the European Payment Council to improve the efficiency of cross-border payments in Europe and turn the fragmented national markets for euro payments into a single one. SEPA will enable customers to make cashless euro payments to anyone located anywhere in the European Union (EU) using a single bank account and a standard set of payment instructions.

  • How are you going to make your payment workflows ready for processing SEPA Credit Transfer and Direct Debit  in time without turning your IT infrastructure and resources upside down?
  • Do you have what it takes to do SEPA Direct Debit Core/B2B automated processing?
  • Where do you want to be with your SEPA Direct Debit workflow in 2015?

EastNets can help you achieve Seamless migration of your payments workflows to SEPA with en.PaymentSafe. The challenge for achieving SEPA compliance lies in integrating the complexities associated with ISO20022 XML messaging standards and with SEPA schemes rulebooks. It also lies in interfacing to SEPA Automated Clearing houses (ACH), SEPA corresponding banks, Pan-European learing houses ( PEACH) and in translating those changes into your current applications infrastructure without incurring excessive costs or time.

EastNets delivers en.PaymentSafe, to address SEPA migration, helping Banks, Corporates, Financial Institutions and Payment Service Providers (PSP) achieve rapid and cost-effective  SEPA compliance according to legal deadlines.

en.PaymentSafe is a payment messaging hub with a set of processing tools dedicated to SEPA, transforming, automating and connecting rapidly to SEPA infrastructures at low cost while protecting your existing back-office infrastructure and accounting/financial systems.

Key Benefits of en.PaymentSafe – SEPA Compliance

  • Validate and Transform and automate your payment files and messages into SEPA XML format in a few days and without having to dedicated IT resources.
  • BIC and IBAN validation/derivation services for SEPA IBAN only rule
  • Achieve seamless compliance with SEPA Credit Transfer and Direct Debit (SCT and SDD) for your back-office with multiple  payment workflows.
  • Deploy both SCT and SDD along with other existing SWIFT FIN payment workflows with centralized AML filtering in en.SafeWatch and reporting in en.Reporting.
  • Straight Through Processing (STP) operations of your SEPA SCT/SDD messages workflow between Back-office and  your SEPA Clearing and Settlement Service Provider
  • Reduces cost associated with SEPA exception handling process supporting the “R-messages” with automated error handling.
  • Achieve migration and operation, cost savings through integration with current applications and buffering of back-office applications from SEPA modifications.

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