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Secure, Compliant Mobile Money Transfer

Today, over 200 million migrants initiate about 1.5 billion cross-border transactions per year, amounting to USD 400 billion cross border remittances, and with Industry revenues exceeding USD 15 billion per year.

Until recently the remittance market was not a primary focus of the banking industry; this has changed. Today the remittance market is becoming a key focus, because of the high revenue potential, scalability, and the exponential growth expectations for mobile money transfer. 

Introducing en.MoRes

The new en.MoRes mobile remittances solution from EastNets is designed to enable cross-border person-to-person mobile initiated payments. It interconnects global Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and banks over en.MoRes unique platform using SWIFT worker remittances standards.

en.MoRes manages the end-to-end remittance lifecycle providing MNO’s with a single point of contact to remit money to any partner bank in the receiving corridors.

With en.MoRes, registration and initiation is fast and easy. The remitter can conveniently initiate a remittance transaction through any mobile phone using his prepaid or postpaid limits or mobile financial wallet to transfer the amount. On the side, the beneficiary will collect the money from any partner bank on the en.MoRes network. 

en.MoRes - Unique in the Marketplace

Significant challenges exist today to facilitate cross-border mobile money transfers. en.MoRes is unique in the marketplace and addresses security, interconnectivity, regulatory compliance and standardization within one service.

  • Securityen.MoRes provides non-repudiation and secure mobile payment transactions from any MNO to any partner bank on the en.MoRes network. With this capability, en.MoRes enables secure cross border transactions by millions of mobile users across the globe.
  • Connecting MNOs and Banks globally  en.MoRes offers a first-of-its-kind platform to interconnect global MNOs and hubs to a financial community of more than 9,000 banks over the SWIFT network. Today no single platform exists which interconnects MNOs, telecommunications hubs, and banks globally. 
  • Regulatory compliance  en.MoRes leverages EastNets premier SafeWatch solution to meet anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, regulatory requirements for counter terrorism financing (CTF), know your customer (KYC) controls, and compliance with international cross border money transfers. 
  • Standardization  en.MoRes establishes a standard communication methodology for MNOs, telecommunication hubs, payment service providers, and banks enabling easy integration with heterogeneous platforms.

The Remittance Flow
  • The remitter will send a remittance instruction message using his/her mobile.
  • The MNO verifies password information and balance, and then sends a unique transaction reference code (TRC) to the remitter.
  • The MNO then routes the transaction details to en.MoRes.
  • en.MoRes validates and routes the remittance instructions to the receiving bank.
  • The beneficiary will collect the amount at any branch of the receiving bank.
Financial Settlement, Information and Reconciliation Process
  • en.MoRes provides mobile remittance transactions and reconciliation reports to the MNOs and the global settlement bank for daily financial settlement.
  • MNOs, via their local banks, pay daily settlement amounts to the global settlement bank.
  • The global settlement bank pays the receiving bank.

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