Integrated Fraud Management

Real-Time Fraud Prevention

Financial institutions are increasingly faced with more sophisticated fraud methods and a growing push for Anti-Fraud regulations and legislature, derived by high profile cases, which have caused tremendous reputational damage and in some cases have even brought down some of the most profound financial institutions of our time.   Derived by all these developments and real and quite pressing needs, EastNets has developed enterprise-wide fraud prevention capabilities which address these challenges head on.   EastNets' comprehensive Fraud investigation and prevention includes:

  • Card Fraud: Covers cross channels - ATM, POS, and card not present transactions.
  • Real Time Anti-Fraud: Covers transactions and payments on e-banking.  
  • Internal Fraud:  Covers employ actions and transactions within their institution
    en.SafeWatch Anti-Fraud is seamlessly integrated with EastNets top ranking anti-money laundering (AML) solutions used today by over 400 financial institutions and corporate in 80 countries. This integrated compliance framework enables financial institutions to aggregate data and processes across fraud and AML silos to improve business insight and streamline operational efficiencies.
Key Capabilities
  • Real-time cross-channel fraud blocking
  • Enhanced Product Performance through the use of "Advanced Data Archiving Tool'' 
  • Enhanced Law enforcement through the use of our Embedded business Intelligent "IP Locator Tool"
  • SMS Alert, allowing a card holder on the spot fraud detection and prevention 
  • Internal Anti-Fraud : Financial Fraud detection of employ transactions and actions
  • Dynamic dashboard for a real-time view and analysis of risk
  • Flexible and easily configurable fraud scenarios
  • Risk based approach and assessments per product, channel and customer
  • Advanced detection workflow and case management
  • Rapid implementation and return-on-investment
  • Fully-integrated environment for blocking suspicious transactions in Real Time
Easily Add or Change Your Fraud Scenarios

The ease of editing parameters and scenarios that are based on analyzing fraudulent behavior provide users with a significant advantage in ease of use, flexibility and cost savings through minimized external consultancy services. 

Dynamic Dashboard

The dynamically populating dashboard immediately shows the end user where eminent problems are occurring saving time and preventing any eventual losses.

Data Connectors to meet your Business Needs

As with EastNets watch list filtering and customer profiling solutions, en.SafeWatch Anti-Fraud offers multiple data source connectors to easily adapt to a financial institution’s specific business processes including:

  • File Connector 
    Scans transactions stored in data / transaction files irrespective of their size and formats. It ensures quick and powerful scanning by offering optimizations like parallel scanning, which allows multiple scan processes and batch checking. The flexible configuration of this connector allows en.SafeWatch Anti-Fraud to work with almost any file format imaginable.

To give our customers leverage in their choice of middleware, our solution en.SafeWatch Anti-Fraud supports two types of renowned middleware which both offer real time injection of payment messages into en.SafeWatch Anti-Fraud:

  • MQ-Series
    Provides transaction screening facilities to MQ-compatible external systems, such as core banking or middleware applications. This module uses IBM MQ-Series middleware to enable communication between the external system and the en.SafeWatch Server.
  • HornetQ
    Provides transaction screening facilities to Hornet; an open source project from JBOSS Messaging, to build a multi-protocol, embeddable, very high performance, clustered, asynchronous messaging system.  This Middleware helps to enable the transaction injecting to our en.SafeWatch Anti-fraud system from other systems.

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