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EastNets offers electronic funds transfer (EFT) point of sale (POS) solutions designed to make it faster, more secure and convenient for you and your customers to process and deliver transactions through electronic channels.

Offering Exceptional Payment Convenience and Security

For bank acquirer institution, Top-Up service provider, loyalty service provider, government entity, or public transportation entity, who need to increase commission from Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) transactions, eliminate the needs of manufacturing, and distributing scratch cards, enable a delivery channel for their loyalty program, get customer feedback electronically, and/or enable electronic fare collection solution, en.EFT POS is an convenience EFT POS channel that provides multi-layer/components architecture, variant connection models, bilingual interfaces, applying of variant international standards, and secure solution. Unlike other EFT POS solutions providers, en.EFT POS delivers faster, more secure and convenient EFT delivery channel.

 POS Overview

Point-of-Sale Solutions

With en.EFT POS solutions; businesses can quickly and securely process electronic financial transactions and start generating revenue right away. Together with our partner VeriFone; EastNets delivers speed, convenience, and security of electronic financial and top-up transactions to businesses worldwide. en.EFT POS Solution enables POS devices to accept and handle electronic financial transactions for different magnetic stripe, EMV, and contactless credit and debit cards. Whether you’re a single convenience store or a multi-branded mall, restaurant, hotel, bank, retailer, exchange house, petroleum business or telecommunication provider, EastNets offers you a cost-effective, end-to-end payment solution that’s tailored for your business.

en.EFT POS at Counter: is a solution for fixed locations with low to medium transactions volume that is suitable for retails, exchange houses, and hotels; EastNets delivers customized EFT POS offerings for convenient, fast and secure e-financial transactions.

Mobile en.EFT POS: ideal if you operate outside a shop environment. Suitable for courier operators, or payment at the table or sidewalk at cafes and restaurants.

Integrated en.EFT POS: high-performance solution to enable rapid, high volume sales fully integrated with your cash register for a convenient and single-point end of day reconciliation for accounting, inventory and banking.

Interactive en.EFT POS: provides an interactive touch screen solution, which additionally provides e-Fund Transfer functionalities, enabling the integration of marketing and promotional programs.

en.EFT POS Key Benefits

• Following up the technology trends
• Enables international standard
• financial and secure solution
• Convenience solution
• Provides 24x7 delivery channel
• Modular design
• Easy to integrate with other systems
• Reducing cost and fraud

en.EFT POS Key Features

• One management system supports multi POS applications (EFT, Top Up, Interactive, and Loyalty)
• EMV L1 & L2 certified, and PCI compliant solution
• Supporting magnetic stripe, smart chip and contactless card types.
• Variant messaging protocols such as ISO8583, APACS30, APACS40, and SPDH
• Multi-connection types are supported (Dial-Up (Synch. and Asynch.), Serially (RS232), GPRS, GSM, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi
• Security enablement, which supports variant security schemas (3DES, Master-Session, and DUKPT)
• Standard PIN block generation algorithms
• Integration with ECR
• Modular printing design
• Dynamic menu creation
• Bilingual interface.

“Allied with our company vision in providing our clients with the best services. We at Esco have chosen EastNets en.POS EFT solution. Now, after working on en.POS EFT solution for the last couple of years, we are quite satisfied with the solution simplicity, stability and scalability. The system met all our needs and requirements, and it exceeded our expectations. I can strongly say that en.POS EFT solution is an added-value to our company.”

Emad Alahmad
Deputy General Manager, Sales & Marketing
Electronic Services Co.




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