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The threat of Cyber Attacks affecting the financial services industry has escalated in both numbers and sophistication in the last few years. Along with the access of unauthorized users, the integration between different payment processing systems such as back offices and messaging interfaces has raised many new vulnerabilities which could encourage cyber attackers to inject fraudulent payments through integration bridges. Serval highly publicized fraud cases have put the industry on guard and moved many authorities to reevaluate the safety and security of operations and anti-fraud measures in place, as such hacking incidents show that fool-proof preventive defense is not enough to mitigate fraud.

en.SafeWatch PaymentGuard™ solution works in the detection line of defense in order to protect the most valuable activities, such as high-value SWIFT messages.


EastNets introduces an innovative solution to remedy and enact effective mitigation mechanisms against fraudulent transactions. The solution is based on the integration between en.TDR, which is a transactions data repository solution, and a modeling engine equipped with a sophisticated artificial intelligence tool. en.SafeWatch PaymentGuard™ is a powerful new solution added to EastNets comprehensive financial crime and compliance risk framework. The solution acts as a reliable, vigilant and resilient deterrent against financial fraud, while maintaining smooth operational efficiency.  


  • Interception of suspicious fraudulent payments in real-time
  • A vast library of standard proven models
  • Analysis of message fields, headers and interventions
  • Advanced Case Management
  • False Positive Reduction capabilities
  • Security, High Availability and Performance
  • User Friendly Dashboard and a powerful reporting capability 

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