Managing corporate banking relationships is extremely complex and demanding. It is filled with challenges, such as overseeing connectivity with multiple banks, handling multiple payment types and formats, keeping up with changing and varied communications requirements, and dealing with inconsistent security standards. Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) provides Financial Institutions (FIs) with access to more than 10,000 institutions in over 200 countries. Many organizations believe connecting to SWIFT expensive, complex, and time consuming. In addition to membership and licensing, the cost of hardware, regular technology updates, and expertise may seem prohibitive. Now there’s a way to overcome such real challenges. To ensure seamless, continuous access to the SWIFT Network, EastNets offers outsourced SWIFT connectivity and infrastructure via its own service bureau. 


EastNets en.Service Bureau provides outsourced SWIFT connectivity, used today by over 250 financial institutions and corporates.  en.ServiceBureau is a fully accredited SWIFT service bureau that offers a cost-effective, secure, reliable and resilient solution for access to the complete range of SWIFT services by eliminating the need for in-house SWIFT expertise and operational support. Hundreds of institutions have entrusted their SWIFT requirements to EastNets’s service bureau. Our customers include central banks, local and international banks, stock exchanges, securities firms, insurance companies, and corporate entities in various sectors. en.ServiceBureau offers Financial Institutions and corporate entities that are on or considering joining SWIFT the ability to focus on their core business competencies, while outsourcing their SWIFT connectivity and infrastructure. Such a solution lets them free up their internal resources, cut costs, and offload the risks and liabilities of maintaining and managing their own SWIFT infrastructure to EastNets’s SWIFT-certified service bureau. en.ServiceBureau offers institutions a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to connect to SWIFT while benefiting from the experience and infrastructure of one of the world’s largest SWIFT Network users. en.ServiceBureau provides Financial Institutions access to a full range of essential services including; compliance, payment messaging, and connectivity as a service. With unique expertise, round the clock support and a fast implementation cycle, its core value is in its comprehensive offering resulting in enhanced operational efficiencies and reduced total cost of ownership. 


  • Shared Alliance Access Server SAAS
  • Fully Managed Hosting Solution (FMHS)
  • Gateway Connectivity Pack (GWCP)
  • Anti-Money Laundering as a Service
  • Considerable Cost Reductions
  • Comprehensive fundamental Value-Added Services
  • Reductions in Operational Risk and Complexity
  • A Highly Secure Connectivity Environment
  • Dedicated Customer Support with SWIFT Expertise
EastNets hosts Portal Solutions via its Service Bureau network for banks, corporates, securities and insurance companies to access a variety of financial and SWIFT messaging, content and compliance services, from payments to trading, and offers clients access to static information such as market data, financial news, reference data EAI, watchlist/OFAC filtering and IBAN validation.
en.ServiceBureau is a SWIFT Certified Solution 

What our Customers Think ...

"Signature Bank, SIGNUS33, has been a client of EastNets for over 5 years. We moved to their outsourced data center product in 2009 to support our Alliance connectivity. EastNets is a very good service provider. System availability is always good and their customer service/on site support excellent. We are pleased that we engaged EastNets to provide our SWIFT platform Support."  

George Hoffman 
Funds Transfer Manager 
Signature Bank 

en.ServiceBureau has successfully acquired the Standard Certification level in compliance with the Terms and Con­di­tions of the SWIFT Shared In­fra­struc­ture Program.

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