EastNets Academy is a learning community specifically designed for collaborative learning, sharing strategies and techniques to help its members excel in using EastNets technology to improve financial crime protection, resilience and regulatory controls.

The en.Academy platform combines e-learning with a Learning Management System (LMS), to enable administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of training programs. The platform helps EastNets managing the training programs, workflows and on-line assessment for customers, employees and certified business partners. EastNets has developed a series of e-learning training courses for en.SafeWatch Solutions such as en.SafeWatch Filtering and en. SafeWatch Profiling

en.Academy is built around a blended training concept. A blended learning community integrates online learning and face-to-face meetings or workshops. All courses are delivered by EastNets accredited consultants, who will be on hand at all times during the course to offer practical advice and guidance and facilitate valuable discussion.

en.Academy goals are:

  • Create an unique learning community for EastNets customers and partners who need ongoing training with high quality learning program for their employees,
  • Provide you with an access to EastNets knowledge base with an extensive offer of product information and training materials,
  • Direct access to our e-learning program fully integrated with a professional Learning Management System, to enable tracking and reporting of our training programs and members,
  • Become a specialist in detecting money laundering and terrorist financing.

EastNets introduces a new integrated Help feature that enables users to learn on the job. With the new help services, users can learn how the features and workflows of en.SafeWatch Compliance Suite work without having to leave the product. These Help tools are seamlessly integrated with EastNets Web Applications and is designed to guide users through the complexity of monitoring and detecting transactions.

EastNets Products WebHelp tool come with the following features:

  • Search capabilities with search filters to facilitate finding what you need.
  • Comprehensive set of indexed keywords.
  • Detailed table of contents for fast navigation.
  • Glossary that contains the definitions of all necessary terminologies
  • and many more features…

"With EastNets Academy we are building a state-of-the-art  learning community helping employees, business partners and customers to excel in compliance and resilience market."

Hazem Mulhim, CEO

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