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Lifelong learning has traditionally been a challenge for highly specialized professions such as AML Compliance Officers, Investigators and SWIFT specialists, where the central core of knowledge tends to change continuously. 

EastNets Training Program offers on-site and web-based training for AML compliance professionals and Operations Managers. We connect the dots between proven technology and relevant, real-world experience. 

en.SafeWatch Profiling and Filtering Training - EastNets offers a selection of on-premises training courses for en.SafeWatch Profiling and Filtering users of all levels. All courses are delivered by EastNets’s accredited consultants, who will be on hand at all times during the course to offer practical advice and guidance and facilitate valuable discussion.

Currently EastNets offers the following training programs:

Basic End-User Training 
Our Basic End-User Training provides you with the tools for success in the everyday use of en.SafeWatch solutions. The program focuses on delivering know-how in detection, investigation, management, and reporting of suspicious activity and hands-on exercises with real cases and alerts.

Advanced User Training* 
In the advanced course we give the delegates a comprehensive training about the advanced features of our Profiling solution. In this training we will address those features, which normally do not apply to day-to-day use of monitoring customer behaviour. After completion you become a certified champion of our solution.

Front Line/Branch Staff Training* 
The front line training course is specifically design for those users who are responsible for handling alerts on behalf of their branch or business. This training is designed for those users who need a practical understanding about money laundering detection and how to efficiently manage incoming alerts and to avoid future backlogs.

Advanced Reporting and Management Information Training*
Management information is essential to get the maximum out of your monitoring and filtering solutions. It will give you important information about the quality of your data and the workload of your investigators. During this training we will teach you how to create your own customized management reporting and update and maintain your FIU reporting to comply with your local regulator.

Fine Tuning and Information Management Information Training* 
This training course is designed to optimize your solution to reduce the number of false positive alerts and to increase the operational performance of the monitoring tools. In this training our specialist will guide delegates on how to tune data and scenarios and discuss best practices in monitoring strategies through case study simulations. During this training our expert will use the customer data and scenario sets to provide hands-on tips and tricks on how to optimize the monitoring and reporting capabilities of the solution.

Risk Analysis Training* 
Risk analysis training is designed for business analysts charged with controlling the rapidly changing financial crime and compliance marketplace. In this training we will teach business analysts how to setup a risk matrix based on products, customers and business areas and how to develop and maintain risk scenarios to tune the monitoring system and to meet the ongoing regulatory requirements.

Technical User Training
In this training session you will learn how to install, configure and update the EastNets en.SafeWatch Profiling and Filtering solution. During these two training days our certified expert will discuss the technical requirements of our platform, guide you through a full installation process, and provide tips and best practices on how to setup the technical configuration.

Support and Maintenance Training
This training session is designed for users responsible for providing technical day-to-day support of the EastNets solutions, and the connectivity to the back offices systems and databases. This training and qualification will help users to effectively implement IT support and maintenance within their own organisation.

Database Management and Data Protection Training* 
During this training you will learn to understand the architecture of the databases and how to import and validate data into EastNets’s Profiling database. We also provide best practices on how to setup different zones and tips and techniques to diagnose event logs. The data recovery training session is aimed at providing complete information on how to recover lost data in a secure and efficient manner. Delegates are trained on how to diagnose recovery needs and best practices in protecting the data to avoid any future losses.

*: Only available for en.SafeWatch Profiling users

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